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by Victor Sandrin May 18, 2015

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The iXS Xult Helmet - a cross over full face solution!

A cross over full face - developed and designed for downhill racing and riding. It features a VORTEXTM molded aeration system that provides consistent airflow through the helmet and therefore crosses over towards the needs of enduro style riding and racing. The special FRPTM (fiber reinforced polymer) shell is designed to increase strength while also reducing overall weight of the helmet. The FRP minimizes the shell volume which helps to reduce rotational force while helping to prevent severe concussions in the event of an impact.  Enduro riding is approaching the same speed and danger as DH racing, protect your head with a helmet that can handle both! 

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The rail based design and reinforced form increases structural integrity where additional strength is needed. X MatterTM inserts, the same used in our popular knee pads, at major impact zones absorb more force than traditional EPS alone.  This helps reduce the impact force as well as rotational impact absorption while also increasing the durability of the helmet. An ergonomic padding system ensures comfort without inhibiting the VORTEXTM air flow using high-tech anti-bacterial Coolmax material wicks moisture away from skin to keep you dry and comfortable. Optimized cheek pads ensure a perfect fit while also using the EPRTM – emergency release pad system to allow for easy removability in the event of an emergency.

The iXS Xult helmet series weighs +/- 1100g and meets the European EN1078 and American C.P.S.C standards.

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iXS Xult Helmet Concept

The concept and design of a “cross over full face” was developed in close cooperation with pro rider Cedric Gracia. As a professional Downhill and Enduro racer, the most important thing to Cedric is his safety and to be properly protected. He would never compete without his full face helmet on and only with a true full face can he be confident of getting up healthy and alright after a big crash. Traditional full face helmets have a major negative side to them, They are hot and cause you to overheat while riding and can be heavy and bulky especially for Enduro. Racing enduro and riding in general generates a lot of heat, sweat and moisture loss so Cedric needed a helmet with lots of airflow to keep him cool while also providing enough protection for his head. With his input we developed a full face helmet, which using the VortexTM molded aeration system, integrated XrailTM absorption unit along with its FRPTM fiber reinforced structure, we have essentially improved comfort and safety in one full face helmet.

iXS Xult Helmet Colors

Developed with Cedric Gracia

If there is one person in the world of mountain biking who can call himself a superstar, then it’s Cedric Gracia. Although Gracia is French he lives in Andorra. “Vallnord bike park is my backyard”, he says laughing. Retiring from DH racing he now primarily focusing on the Enduro discipline. With a style and cheeky attitude all his own he has become world famous, not only for his numerous wins in competition, but also for his parts in the films such as New World Disorder and Chain Reaction.

iXS Xult Helmet Colors

Cedric once said, “This is a go-or-no sport. You have to stay the course once you start; any faltering and you end up in hospital.” His antics often divide opinions. “Success is not my first goal. What I’m doing and to have fun doing it and then share it with friends and fans around the world - that is my success, that’s my passion!”

The iXS Xult Helmet will be available in July 2015 through The Gravity Cartel, US sales and support office of iXS Sports Division and Spank Industries.


Victor Sandrin
Victor Sandrin


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