Spring Break MTB Holidays with Stephen Wilson

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The Gravity Cartel supported rider Stephen Wilson just spent his Spring Break on a MTB Holiday. From the photos below, it looks like Stephen and his friends had a blast in some less common locations. Stephen writes...

"This was my first time traveling out to California to ride and I will definitely be returning as soon as possible. With all of our bags packed the five of us embarked on a 15 hour drive to our first destination in Napa Valley, California. Some 9 hours into our drive we landed in the Bonneville Salt Flats which ended up being our first riding spot. None of us had seen the legendary salt flats, and a much needed break to stretch the legs turned into the first memorable moment of the trip. The salt flats retained so much moisture that incredible lean angles were achievable when cornering. This coupled with serious restless car syndrome made some for incredible photos."
Stephen Wilson Mountain Biking Utah Salt Flats
Stephen Wilson MTBUtah MTB HolidaysStephen Wilson's MTB Spring Break Holiday in Utah
MTB at Bonneville Salt Flats
"After our break on the salt flats we continued onto the Napa Valley where we spent the night and got some much needed rest. I had never been to wine country but it was definitely a huge culture shock to a kid that grew up in the mountains of Colorado. Every other car we passed was either a Ferrari 458 or a Porsche 911, a little different than the Subaru Outbacks of Colorado! Our main destination, Santa Cruz, was filled with loam and trails that I could spend a lifetime on. The three short days we spent there definitely did not do that area justice."
California MTB Holidays: Santa Cruz Trails
"I just want to thank you Victor for your support and enthusiasm towards my riding. Training is going well and I am slowly regaining the strength that I had lost over these seven months. I am recovering confidence on my bike which is absolutely amazing and I am certainly looking forward to testing myself once race season is finally here. The Oozy wheels performed as expected staying straight as an arrow after taking a serous beating at Moab. My buddy that ended up on a pair as well was completely sold after our trip."
You can follow Stephen on Twitter @StephenDW8 and Instagram @StephenDW8.

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