Lauren Gregg: MTB Enduro Racer Early Season Update

by Victor Sandrin June 02, 2015

Lauren Gregg, MTB Traveller and Professional Enduro Racer hasn't wasted any time this season! In the post below, Lauren gives us a full run down of what she has been up to on her adventures around the country.

Lauren Gregg, MTB Racer

Professional Mountain Biker Lauren Gregg's Early Season Update

So far this year has been a crazy whirlwind and the race season started off with a bang! After an unforgettable off­season riding bikes in Indonesia and a preseason focused on lots of strength training, I was really excited for my race season to begin at the Sea Otter Classic. I am in love with my setup this year­ my Pivot Mach 6 is crazy fast and I couldn't wait to point and shred my Spank cockpit down the race course.
Lauren Gregg loves her Spank Spike Cockpit
I knew going into Sea Otter that my fitness was good, and I set my goal to finish Top 10 in the Pro Enduro competing against some of the fastest racers in the world. It all came together for me that day and after a clean first run down the DH course, some mega pedalling on Stages 2 and 3, and a fun finale down the Dual Slalom track, I was able to ride my way to a 5th place finish! I was so stoked to make it onto the Pro Sea Otter podium. It’s been a goal of mine my whole career and was awesome way to start off the season!
The next week I headed north to Novato for the WTB Throwdown event. We rode the infamous “Ranch” and I put myself and my gear to the test chasing Mark Weir and the rest of our WTB team down the steep and gnarly Novato hills tracks. Riding bikes all day and shredding Weir's pump track and racing RC cars at night made for a super rowdy and memorable week.
Straight from the Throwdown, we caravaned across the state to Grass Valley for the legendary Dirty Sanchez Enduro. This invite­only pro event, held on private property in the hills of Gold Country, challenges riders with some of the burliest race tracks I’ve ever ridden. Big mandatory gaps and unpredictable and rowdy rock gardens littered the 12 stages we would race over two days. I was a bit scared by the size of some of the features during practice, jumps much bigger than I’d ever hit before, but with support and encouragement from other riders by the end of practice I had hit everything on the mountain and was ready for the race.
Lauren Gregg racing in The Dirty Sanchez Enduro
A freak storm pounded the venue with rain all night before the race, creating absolute muddy mayhem on the course. This race definitely pushed my limits. The mud, technical terrain, and completing stage after stage over two days was a serious challenge for every rider out there. It was truly an endurance event to see who could simply make it through all twelve stages. After plenty of crashes and wipeouts outs in the mud, I did my best to remain positive, keep my head on straight, and ride as hard and fast as possible. Again, I surprised myself and was able to take home a 4th place finish. Just crossing the last finish line in one piece was a huge relief, and I was extra stoked with my 4th place finish in a stacked field of racers!
It’s safe to say 2015 has been a major whirlwind so far. This is the most fun year I’ve had racing my bike yet, and I can’t wait for the rest of the season!
Stay tuned for more season updates!

Lauren Gregg: Supported by The Gravity Cartel

The Gravity Cartel, in conjunction with Spank Bikes and iXS Sports Division are proud to support Lauren Greg in her endeavours. We wish you all the best for the season Lauren!

You can follow Lauren on Instagram and Facebook.

Victor Sandrin
Victor Sandrin


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