Exploring Pacific Northwest MTB Trails with Zach Kuss

by Victor Sandrin September 03, 2015

Zach Kuss, The Gravity Cartel supported biker was lucky enough to get out on a Pacific Northwest MTB adventure this summer from Bellingham, WA up to Whistler, BC. He shares his experiences and photos in this post.

Zach found some huge rock rolls while exploring Pacific Northwest MTB trails!

Bellingham, WA

My trip in the Northwest was amazing. Hit so many excellent trails and made some awesome memories. Bellingham was an awesome start. Did a lot of riding on Galbraith and spent the nights camping out in Larabee. Broke my frame bout three days in on SST but the kind folks at Transition Bikes (Lars) were kind enough to hook me up with a fresh frame to keep the party rolling! Can not that you guys enough for that!

Pacific Northwest MTB Log Ride

North Vancouver and Squamish, BC

Following some solid days in Bellingham we rolled on up to Squamish and rode some rowdiness there. Half and Full Nelson as well as Angry Midget are always a riot but I really enjoyed and scared myself a bit on Entrails to Bony Elbows in the Alice Lake area. If you haven't ridden that combo I highly recommend it. Technical with some gnarly rock rollers thrown in the mix! While in Squamish we took a day trip down the The North Shore of Vancouver. Spent that day shredding Fromme with my good friend Nick. Hit some wild trails there but I have to say I really enjoyed Espresso the best.

PNW MTB Trails Ladder Bridge

Whistler, BC

Next we ventured up to Whistler to ride for a solid week. Spent the whole time in the park (for better or worse). The one day we were going to venture out for some outside the park action we got heavy rain. Was a nice excuse to take a chill day and the park defiantly needed it. Highlights from Whistler were Top of the World, Dirt-Merchant to A-line (of course), and my personal favorite little stretch of park trail; Fade to Black.

Zach on the Whistler Bike Park Chairlift

On Life and Exploring Pacific Northwest MTB Trails

It was a great trip that found everyone injury free in the end and our van didn't get broken into this go round!

I got word while I was in the Northwest that I earned a part time spot as a flight nurse with Regional One out of Spartanburg, SC. I was home for about a week and then had to turn around and leave for Kansas for flight team training for another ten days!

Pacific Northwest Sunset

Flight team training in Kansas was pretty intense and I am looking forward to getting my orientation with the team underway. It has been a career goal of mine to become a flight nurse and am stoked to be in the position. Now my job can be just as rad as my time off! Not that the ER was ever dull but the flight job is definitely a bit more intense.

This year has certainly been challenging to find enough time to ride. Between the twins, work/job changes, and home responsibilities I have still managed to squeeze in some great times on two wheels and plan on continuing to get it every chance I get! I can not thank you guys enough for your continued support. You keep me living the dream and it is never taken for granted. I look forward to continuing to represent you guys and keep the lifestyle alive!


The Gravity Cartel is proud to support Zach, we hope to see him get out to explore the Pacific Northwest MTB trails more often! Thanks Zach.

Victor Sandrin
Victor Sandrin


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