iXS Goggles

Designed for maximum visibility, iXS Goggles features a large, unobstructed field of vision. An ultra-flexible, ergonomic frame distributes pressure evenly without restricting airflow. A 3-layer, triple-density foam is highly breathable and moisture-wicking for improved comfort.


The minimal frame combined with a large lens perimeter that sits lower over the nose maximizes the field of view with an unobstructed 178º horizontal and 78º vertical field of vision.

To keep things easy, both the Hack Goggle and the Trigger Goggles utilize the same lenses, and making them both compatible with the wide range of spare lenses, including polarized, double pane, tear-off, and roll-off compatible lenses. (Spare lenses, tear-off, and roll-off kits will be available soon.)