iXS Trigger Collection


The Trigger Collection: All-purpose / All-Day / Race

Protection for high-performance mountain biking — with the contemporary mountain bike easily allowing more speed and control on the trails, the need for protection is elevated. The Trigger collection is designed to address the demanding needs of mountain bike protection while focusing on all-day comfort and fit. 

The Trigger FF helmet offers all-around protection through its patented in-mold technology, in which the helmet shell is directly connected to the absorbing EPS material. The unique construction in which the EPS chin guard is connected to the headgear in a combined unit increases the strength of the structure while reducing weight and improving ventilation. 

Five intake vents and 17 exhaust vents push air through at a rate that keeps the sweat factor low, something we can attest to after even the hottest days in the bike park. 

IXS Trigger FF enduro fullface helmet

The Trigger FF is the newest addition to the iXS Trigger Lineup. Combining open face breathability and ventilation with full face protection in an ultra-lightweight and compact design, the Trigger FF uses a fully in-molded unibody construction and internal X-Frame for certified DH level protection.

It does all this at an absolute minimal weight, coming in at close to 600 grams for the size small, making it the lightest DH rated full-face helmet currently available.