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Bombproof quality at a killer price! SPANK Industries’ SPOON 32 rims are built to last without breaking the bank. With a burly but non-restrictive 26.7mm internal width, SPOON 32 rims accommodate a wide range of tires, and inspire confidence on any terrain, from mean city streets to the steeps of your local bike park. 6-Series alloy paired with SPANK’s patented OohBah™ reverse well design, means the SPOON 32 delivers exceptional strength and stiffness at a remarkable value.

SPANK SPOON 32 Rim Specs and Technologies:

Material: MGR 6 Series Alloy
Size (in.): 26" / 27.5"
Weight (g): ±620 (26") / ±650 (27.5")
Hole Count: 32H
Inner / Outer Width (mm): 26.7 / 32
Valve: A/V Schrader
Tubeless: not recommended
Finish: shotpeen anodized, laser logos
ERD (mm++): 526.5 (26") / 551.5 (27.5")
ETRTO (mm): 559x26.7 (26") / 584x26.7 (27.5")
Colors: black / red / blue / orange
Technologies: OohBah™, Beadnip, MGR
Discipline: race, freeride, trail

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