The new HEX DRIVE Hub from SPANK Industries brings you a high engagement (3.5°) hub with oversized bearings and advanced seal system for durability and low maintenance.

Spank Industries has been at the leading edge in rim, handlebar, pedal and stem design for over a decade, investing significant time and energy in developing proprietary designs. Quality control, performance, and reliability matter so much to us that we established our own factory to make them ourselves. 

Over the years, we’ve invested in every detail in rim manufacturing, earning us a top-three position consistently for the past few years in leading industry and consumer polls for most wanted rim. The time had come to offer our customers a high performance and excellent value hub to complement our award-winning rims. 

Responding to the requests of riders that want it all — from light weights for pedaling up mountains to high engagement for instant pickup, the team set to work on developing a hub that addresses the needs of today’s demanding mountain biker — the Spank Industries HEX DRIVE HUB. 


102T / 3.5º ENGAGEMENT

The new HEX Drive rear hubs employ a huge ratchet ring with 102 teeth. Six independent pawls, each with 3 steps, work in unison to create 18 points of contact with the ratchet ring per click. The result is an almost instant pick-up of just 3.5º, with unparalleled security against slippage under torque.  The benefit in riding terms:  no unwanted lag in your crank between pedal strokes, more efficient pedaling on technical sections and climbs, quicker, almost constant power to the pedals, and the 18 points of contact result in higher strength and better reliability.



For the riders who subject their bikes to abusive conditions during the wet winters, and likewise for those with intense or prolonged exposure to fine dust conditions, we added an advanced seal system to reduce contamination. Oversized bearings further increase durability while maintaining the lighter weight of alloy.  The benefit:  low maintenance and easy service.

In addition to the seal system, the pawl cap design has the added advantages of; keeping your pawls in place during maintenance (no more crawling on the workshop floor with a magnet looking for lost pawls); seals the pawls to prevent contamination during service and maintenance, and finally; also has the benefit of damping the volume of your high engagement hub - the sound we all love, but a little quieter is a nice bonus!


A unique flange design on the hub reduces dish requirements on the wheel build, meaning that the spoke tension on the drive side and non-drive side of the wheel is more evenly matched than many other hub designs on the market today.  The benefit for the rider comes in a more consistently tensioned, therefore stronger, wheel. 



Keeping things simple and easily adaptable, SPANK Industries offers interchangeable HEX DRIVE Freehubs for HG, XD and Microspline platforms.

The Gravel HEX DRIVE Hubs are also available in XDR fit as well as for HG road setups applicable to Gravel.


The new SPANK HEX DRIVE Hubs are available in:

  • 32H J-Hook (DH / Freeride / All mountain / Trail)
  • 28H Straightpull (Enduro / Trail)
  • 28H J-Hook (Gravel)
  • Steel freehubs available soon for e-bikes


    Every element of the hub was scrutinized, including adaptability. All hub adapters feature a universal fit, meaning that all HEX rear hub adapters will work with all three freehub types (XD, HG & Microspline). Furthermore, all HEX front hub adapters are symmetrical and therefore interchangeable from left to right side. The advantage to you - no more scrambling for extra adapters and added costs if you change from HG to Mircospline or XD for example.  The adapters that came with your original freehub will universally fit any other SPANK HEX DRIVE freehub.

    A standard set of adapter options is included in the box as extras with all SPANK HEX DRIVE Hubs, meaning that you can adapt your hub to almost any rear dropout or suspension fork set-up that is common on the market.  For set-ups a little less common, spare adapters can be purchased separately.



    Since cleaning bikes is a chore none of us enjoy, ease of maintenance was a priority.  Removing end caps and the freehub doesn’t require tools to remove, and can be done by hand, making the HEX DRIVE Hub incredibly easy to service and maintain. 

    A full range of service parts such as bearing and pawl kits are available.  Spare adapters and freehubs (Microspline, XD & HG) are available now, as well as torque caps for front suspension running torque cap standard.  And for the ebike community, from June 2020, 'Electric Plus' standard steel freehubs will be available for HEX DRIVE Hubs , also across all platforms (XD, HG & Microspline).



    26-inchers, dirt jumpers, pumptrack regulars and even BMX'ers can rejoice!  SPANK couldn't come to market with a new hub without taking care of our core singlespeed fans! No more conversion kits and ghetto fixes.  Alongside the launch of the HEX DRIVE Hubs, SPANK also releases it's new SS-DJ Hub.  Available now with an 11T cog, 12T & 13T cogs are also available separately.  Naturally, this one is bombproof!


    Besides the laundry list of features, we also highly optimized the weight, making HEX very competitive with hubs almost twice the price. HEX DRIVE just might be the best hub for the money with rear hubs coming in at $199 and the front listing for $99 MSRP.



    Yoann Barelli has been conducting R&D testing on the new SPANK HEX DRIVE hub since July 2019.  Specifically using the 28H straightpull version with XD freehub, Yoann's testing grounds have been varied in his preparation for the 2020 Enduro World Series.  Test riding in both wet and muddy conditions in BC, Vancouver as well as dry and dusty terrain in Mexico, Yoann has put the new high engagement HEX DRIVE hub through its paces and is feeling very confident about the ride performance benefits.   

    If you need a rider who can hit four seasons and 50 conditions in a week to put product to the test - Geoff 'Gully' Gulevich is your man.  Gully may just be the most prolific and diverse adventure mountain biker in the game today.  Follow his "Gullyver's Travels" blog and you will be exposed to a vast array of locations, trails and conditions all around the globe on a month-to-month frequency.  Predominantly using his 29" enduro rig for his globe-trotting trail adventures, Gully needs to be prepared for just about any conditions on a trip, and needs to do this on minimal equipment logistics.  That means he needs:  reliable, durable, light weight, adaptable, and high performance.

    Since July 2019, Gully has been test riding the new 32-hole J-hook SPANK HEX DRIVE Hub with SPANK's microspline freehub for Shimano 12-speed.  Hear what Gully has to say about what's driving him!

    So what drives the undisputed Queen of the Enduro World Series?  HEX DRIVE, that's what.  High engagement for almost instant pick-up and power to the pedals is what Cecile Ravanel demands racing the EWS circuit every year.  With no time to loose, and no wheel replacement permitted on the EWS race series, it's also critical that Cecile has a robust hub she can rely on, without the weight penalty that usually accompanies durability.  SPANK Industries delivered for Cecile.  See what she has to say about the hub that is "Perfect for the races!"

    2019 South African Men's Elite DH Champion (and regular fest series free rider) Theo Erlangsen, has been test riding the earliest R&D sample of the new SPANK HEX DRIVE Hub since June 2019.  He has used the same rear and front hub, without a single change-out or service, on all his UCI DH World Cup races of 2019, as well as several fest series dirt jump events.  Having just ridden Sam Reynolds' DarkFest event in Stellenbosch (best known for the 90-foot gaps the boys are clearing on the jump line), and placing 2nd (he lost his chain on his final run) in the first DH Race of the South African Mountain Bike Championships in February this year - on the same hub-set he has been testing since June last year - it's safe to say that if it's bombproof for Theo, it's bombproof for you!

    See what Theo has to say about his 32-hole J-hook HEX DRIVE Hub with XD freehub.

    Has SPANK Industries just launched the best value for money hub on the market?

    Mike Randol, owner of TheLostCo bike shop in Bellingham, Vancouver USA, seems to think so.  

    We sent Mike a set of the new SPANK HEX DRIVE front and rear hubs to lace up to a set of SPANK 350 rims and put these new high engagement hubs to the test.

    From first impressions, to ease of build, adaptability, service and maintenance insights, Mike highlights the benefits of the new HEX DRIVE hubs on the trail and in the workshop and reaches the conclusion that these may just be the very best performance, adaptability and light weight combined hub sets available in the market right now - at the incredible price of just $99.00 for front hubs and $199.00 for rear hubs.

    Available now in the USA at as well as all major SPANK stocking dealers and stores.