SPANK Wheelsets


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Confused about the hub standards or need help choosing the right wheels for your ride? Spank Industries hubs have been designed to fit the widest possible range of frame and fork standards. In most cases, we have an adapter that will accommodate the standard you need. Please click this link for a complete guide to all Spank hub adapters.

There are a few rules of thumb that will help you to understand what is, and what is not possible.

Rear Hubs:

  • 135/142mm Rear Hubs can fit QR/10/12mm x 135mm frames or 12x142mm frames.
  • 135/142mm Rear Hubs cannot be adapted to 150mm or 157mm frames.
  • 135/142mm Rear Hubs can only be adapted to "Boost" (148) frames with a 3rd party Boost Adapter kit. The use of such kits may require a re-dishing of your wheel, which will void your wheel warranty.
  • 150/157mm Rear Hubs can fit 12x150mm or 12x157mm frames.
  • 150/157mm Rear Hubs cannot be adapted to fit 135mm or 142mm frames.
  • 150/157mm Rear Hubs cannot be adapted to fit Boost 148mm frames.  
  • Boost 148mm Rear Hubs only fit Boost 148mm frames. 
  • Boost 148mm Rear Hubs cannot be adapted to fit 135mm, 142mm, 150mm, or 157mm frames.