SPANK 350 Vibrocore™ Wheelset

Black Red
Black Blue
Black Green
  • High performance Wheelset with internal vibration damping, ideal for DH and Freeride.
  • Unique profile with low sectional profile height and wide width, which adds radial compliance, while keeping high lateral stiffness.
  • Improved radial compliance for better traction over bumps and chatter, while reducing negative feedback to the rider. Performance and comfort enhanced.
  • Vibrocore™ inner well, reduces the transmission of harmful vibration frequencies, meaning less vibration for the suspension and rider, also increasing the fatigue life of the rim.
  • 30mm internal width extremely versatile, fitting tires from 2.0” to 2.6” perfectly, and even allowing + size tire use, without negative squaring off of tire profiles.


  27.5" 29" 29" DH
Rear Hub: 12x142 12x150 12x148 12x142 12x148 12x150
Front Hub: 20x110 20x110 Boost 15x110 20x110 Boost 15x110 Boost 15x110
Rear Adapt. Incl.: 12x135 12x157 N/A 12x135 N/A 12x157
Front Adapt. Incl.: 15x100 N/A N/A 15x100 Boost 20x110 Boost 20x110
Colors: Black Black Only Black Black Only Black Black Only Black Black Only Black Black Only Black Black Only
Weight: ±2004 ±1990 ±2004 ±1990 ±2006 ±1992 ±2093 ±2079 ±2095 ±2081 ±2095 ±2081
ERD (mm++) / ETRTO (mm) 564 / 584x30.5 601 / 622x30.5 601 / 622x30.5
Rim Dimensions ID (mm): 30.5 OD (mm): 35
Spokes J-Hook, tripple butted 2.2/1.8/2.0, alloy DSN nipples
Tubeless Tubeless equipped (tape and valves included)
Valve F/V Presta
Configuration 32H - 3cross lacing
Technologies Vibrocore™, Radial Compliance, Torsional Strength, Lateral Stiffness, BeadBite Anti-burp, OohBah Inverted Inner Wall
Adapters Avail. Separately Rear: QRx135, 10x135 Front: QRx100, 15x100



Wheels are the first point of contact between you, your bike, and the trail you’re riding on. And while wheel sizes and standards continue to develop significantly year on year (often to both the rider and the industry’s dismay) very little innovation has been seen in the compliancy and responsiveness of the wheel as this first, most important contact and conductor.

What we have seen in recent years is that bike suspension is continuously evolving and adapting to compensate for stiffer frames and more rigid, deeper profile carbon fiber rims. This overall stiffer rig is being softened, or counter-acted by both bike suspension, and tire design – not to mention the ever lower and lower tire pressures riders are running. Rider position (wider, lower, more forward) is also being impacted directly by the bike frame and cockpit geometries which is constantly aiming for a better riding feel. So surely it is overdue time to re-examine how the engineering of the wheel can become an active contributor to the efficiency of the overall set up. Spank Industries has done just this.

With 15 years of dedicated know-how in rim and wheel design and manufacturing, and with over 180 rim profiles successfully brought to market by founder and chief of design Gavin Michael Vos, for both Spank Industries and other top 10 rim and wheel brands, Spank Industries releases at the 2018 Eurobike Show, what is probably one of the biggest innovations in rim and wheel development in recent years: The new SPANK SPIKE 350 Vibrocore™ for Downhill and Free ride and the SPANK OOZY 350 for Trail, All Mountain and Enduro.