iXS Cleaver Jacket

  • 36595


light weight, high ventilated and race approved upper body armour for downhill and gravity extrem sport
multifunctional due to its multiple way wearing solution. Jacket, back- and chest guard as well as rip cage, elbow and shoulder guards can be worn separately.
"NeckBrace TM" - exchangeable upper back plate, compatible with most available neck braces (Leatt Brace, Alpinestars, Ufo, etc.)
 "HexMatter TM" - aerated ergonomically formed and shock absorbant light weight honeycomb construct to prevent from insuries of high-speed and heavy impacts
"Armadillo TM" flexible and shock absorbent polypropylene back shells
"ArmadilloDuo TM" - high quality double injected protection shells made of shock absorbent polypropylene at chest, shoulder and elbow areas
"NockOut TM" - shock absorbent soft padding at upper arm, elbow, rip cage and chest area as well as at all important and vital zones
hight and lenght adjustable waist belt
muti-functional and adjustable carrier straps
EN1621-1 & EN1621-2 (L1)

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