SPANK OOZY Trail 395+ 27.5" Wheelset


Open the door to the plus size revolution, without closing it behind you! SPANK Industries’ OOZY Trail 395+ wheelset is an ultra-wide, hand built and trued wheelset that’s optimized for “Plus” sized tires, yet is seamlessly compatible with a wide variety of modern “high volume” tire options.

32H straight-pull OOZY Trail Hubs feature increased engagement and adaptability, designed with unique over-sized SSL (single spoke length) flanges to deliver enhanced stiffness, durability, and spoke torque retention. Equipped with OOZY Trail 395+ rims, the OOZY Trail 395+ Wheelset combines the strength and durability of Dynamal alloy with the stiffness of SPANK’s iconic Oohbah™ rim profile. Next-generation Bead Bite™ anti-burp tubeless rim hooks instill confidence and tubeless security even at minimal tire pressures.

SPANK OOZY Trail 395+ 27.5" Wheelset Specifications:

Key technologies: Bead Bite™, OohBah™, Dynamal Alloy
Size (in.): 27.5" 
Weight - F/R (g): ±2080 
Configuration: 32H - 3 cross lacing
Rims: SPANK OOZY Trail 395+ rim
Front Hub (mm): 6 bolt disk mount, 15x100
Rear Hub (mm): 6 bolt disk mount, 12x142
Boost Front Hub (mm): 6 bolt disk mount - Boost 15x110
Boost Rear Hub (mm): 6 bolt disk mount - Boost 12x148
Freehub: alloy - Shimano (XD available)
Adaptors Included (mm): FRONT: 20x110 incl / REAR: QRx135
Adaptors Available (mm): FRONT: QR / 15x100 / 20x110 REAR: QRx135 / 10x135 / 12x135 / 12x142
Spokes: straight pull, triple butted (2.2/1.8/2.0), alloy nipples
Tubeless: tubeless equipped (tape & valves included)
Colors: black / red / blue / green
Technologies: Bead Bite™, OohBah™, Bead Nip, Dynamal Alloy, MGR
Discipline: trail