SPANK SPIKE 35 Vibrocore™ Bar

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Suitable for DH, Enduro, and Freeride, the Spike 35 Vibrocore™ Bar is an ultra-wide, 820 length handlebar ready for anything you are. The big and burly 35mm bar clamp features increased strength and stiffness compared to conventional 35mm alloy bars. Injected with Spank's proprietary Vibrocore™ foam, it provides vibration damping to reduce arm pump and hand-numbness, without compromising the strong, responsive feel at the cockpit. Shot-peening and anodizing enhances fatigue life even further.

Weight optimized and adjustable to 760mm.

Recommended for: ASTM 5, All mountain, enduro, trail, free ride, DH, E-Bike

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Vibrocore™, Dual XGT, CNC Bending, MGR, Big-Taper(105mm) design
MATERIAL: Zirconium Doped 7-Series Alloy
WEIGHT (g): ±300
DIAMETER (mm): 35
RISE (mm): 25 / 40 (coming soon)
LENGTH (mm): 820
GEOMETRY (deg°): 5° up x 8° back
FINISH: Shotpeen anodized, decal logos