Spank Vibrocore™ Handlebars - Take the buzz out the bar

Spank Industries’ Vibrocore™ complex foam core reduces the harmful vibrations which can cause arm-pump, while simultaneously increasing the overall stiffness and fatigue life of the bar.

Alloy has always been a favorite of many mountain bikers for bars, due to its safety, price and environmental responsibility. But once SPANK Industries introduced its patented Vibrocore™ technology, alloy bars were finally able to match the stiffness, comfort and weight of carbon bars.


  1. RIDING COMFORT: Reduces the long term risk of arm-pump. 
  2. STRONGER, STIFFER, LIGHTER: Due to the complex core, which also does not compromise weight. 
  3. ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: Vibrocore™ foam is biodegradeable. 
  4. AWARD WINNING: Recognized with 6 top industry awards and ratings 
  5. PRICE: The entire range of Vibrocore™ bars is available at $99.90 MSRP. 
  6. RANGE: Whether it’s Trail/XC, Freeride or DH Race, we have the bar for you.

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